What is Keto

Keto Blaze is taking the diet industry by storm.  Keto is effective and people have been dropping weight like kids dropping food in the couch.

Keto is away to teach your body that it needs to eat the fat in your body.  How is that done?  When you’re on a Keto Diet you will be consuming mostly Fat foods.  Not bad fat silly.  Good fats like fish and avocodoas.

Bad fats are saturated grease that dripping off that processed burger you just ate.  Stop eating that! Does eating on Keto diet take some planning and adapting?  You bet your husbands hairy knucks it does.

Keto dieting can have Keto Flu symptoms.  This is part of the process. If you were to go run 15 miles right now you would probably throw up. Your body has to adapt and that takes time.